a new beginning...

so the last blog is now pretty old...

there was so much going on over the last years, much good moments but also pretty much time was not just that fun... i had much work to do and then finally after a really good year (at least a half year ... ) with less hustle and bustle in 2015 with a lot of freetime and cool andventures and vacations it seems to going on like crazy again... i dont liked it so i quit my job.

i was dissatisfied with me and my time to live and the lesstime whit my girl, family an friends. so i hope this changes...

since spring 16 we have a new familiy member - a dog.

i still love to go hanggliding and do some biking...

my new projekt is my vw t5 bus witch i convert in to a camper...

and in the end of the year i work on an new place.


so my main goals for the future are:

have more time for private,

enjoy the living and be more outside in the nature again

 and do more stuff i like then i dont and so...


...i really want to shot again more pictures and do some videos from my stuff i do. the good and special things i experience i blog here again. for the first i cleen up the site and pictures und will update them for the last years.

so im on the search again. cheers



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New Hang Gliding Video

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Allready 2015

In 2014 there was all over all, end of 2013 I snapped bands of my right shoulder while snowboarding and was off till end of March, the plan was to go to Sri Lanka to Kite for a month... so things happened!

Fall in love and move together. Now we life outside of the city witch is such a nice new flat and so good with a nice garden and a very quite place. Shorter way to work and more time for us.

Kiting was not a big thing in 2014, also flying because of the weather and because my shoulder was a bit set back.

Tanja bought a new Vespa, so I had do to the driving licence, and because of that I have to bought  a motorcycle = ) another hobby... one more or less doesn't matter, hehe.

We went to North Germany by car and in the summer we drove to Italy Monte Cucco for Hanggliding. I got back there in autumn. The winter was not that good so was just a few times Snowkiting.

But Plans are made for a great 2015... Less work, more free time, more vacations and a lot more activities = ) 

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Allready 2014...

Its been quite a while since my last post ... = )
But it was also  pretty taff year! witch was veeery good!


I did some good paraglidingflights...

Then in April I started with the education to be a hanggliding pilot...

so every weekend and sunndy free day I was up in the sky to go flying.

Locations were the whole Switzerland, Wallis, Bern Oberland, Luzerns Stans, Jura and Lausanne and so on...

Inbetween I was for one week in Leucate for kiting, witch was really cool, averange windspeed by 50 kts! ihaaa = P

Later on I had to organize the bachelor evening for my beloved brother, so we went to Rom for one weekend. ; ) And the wedding was the other small part of it, hihi...

I did my licenes in late September with almost 50 fligths! ; )

Rigth after this i whent to Spain for 14 days by car together with Danilo.

Witch was epic.

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Some new plans...

I have some new adventures in mind...

Learn hanggliding, flying like a bird...
A first 100 km flight

Learn new Kitetricks on the surfboard 

SUPîng on the lake Thun

Check out Australia, comming early 2014


so I'm waiting for the spring = )


looking forward to a great year 2013, 

fun with friends, good moments and to travel often.


I will post a bit often some blogs...

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